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Such Hawks, Such Hounds

Such Hawks, Such Hounds by John Srebalus

Documentary film by John Srebalus, explores musicians surrounding the American hard rock era from 1970 -2007. Such Hawks, Such Hounds used a wide range of outlets and sources including interviews, live music, photographs, writing to inform the audience around both the history of hard rock and the influences on the world (stereotypes and subcultures).  From interviews with producers, musicians, journalists, the film aimed to display the “raw, real, down to earth” version of that musical scene. Each interviewee had a different point, musician, Eddie Glass talked about how the music had influenced his life, “transfer emotions into songs that what makes a great artist”, theres not only an emotional link but music is a way to contrast against mainstream society and a career choice. In the Such Hawks, Such Hounds, there was a discussion about whether its a sustainable career to become apart of, most musician had part time jobs  to support themselves such as ,a bus driver,  “we don’t care if we get rich and famous”  however, one interviewee stated that due to the inflation there is now a lot of careerism.

A journalist  added to the depth of the documentary exploring around the different publishing methods for hard rock music, including gigs and magazines. “Music was a very special gift and talent” Srebalus, documentary informs the viewer about hard rock music scene and what it means to each person involved.

Even though this is not the genre of music I want to explore, it was interesting to see the structure and composition of the documentary. It cut from close ups and mid shot (located both in the studio and outside) of both past and present interviews to make the documentary easy and interesting to watch.

“The best documentation of our music ever done.” – Wino


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